1965 Terry Compass

I love projects like this, trailers that inspire me.  This is a 1965 Terry Compass that came in for a facelift.  Basically it was a solid, usable trailer except some leaking around the curved front windows, a problem area but they look so cool!  It also had an amateur paint job by a previous owner, 50 years worth of minor dents and the new owner wanted it to look a little better, so she brought it to us for one of our "face lifts".

Better than most we get in it did have the typical water damaged areas.  This one will be a piece of cake to repair, two days at the most.  We did do a judgement call.  The large rounded corners were stained but by poking and probing at them we determined they were still good solid wood, so we chose not replace them.  Insulation, some wiring upgrades and it was ready for new skin.  We added a band of polished for flash, and then painted a factory Terry three stripe design in a 1956 Studebaker color.  Many fifties cars have colors that look period correct on vintage campers.

The owner had already decorated the interior in a very attractive turquoise and white.  Other than a new floor we laid, all other interior work was pretty much hidden from view.  We upgraded the water system with a new 10 gal hot water heater, added one of our retro fridges, this one out larger 4.5 cu ft version, added a rooftop ac and removed a defective heater allowing us to add a new cabinet and drawer for extra storage.  Three weeks later and details like new baby moon caps, matching propane tanks and the correct reproduction decals it is back home with it's happy owner.