1967 Roadrunner

While it looked like a good solid little trailer once we began taking it apart things didn’t look right.  Much to our surprise the skin had been pulled previously and it had been rebuilt by an amateur.  Scrap wood pieces had been put in in an attempt to repair water damage but the structure was not put back in, one wall was one inch too tall so the skin did not fit properly and water had continued to ruin the framing.  By the end of the day all we had left was the flatbed.

We rebuilt the walls correctly with  birch paneling and a whitewash finish the client wanted.  We custom built the cabinetry which we finished in white before installation.  The new floor decking was covered with a gray Marmolium before the cabinets were installed.  Not our usual style of interior but it’s really looking nice.  Once all the cabinets were installed we closed in the rest of the body... It’s now ready for wiring and insulation.

June 8th... We pull in this little 1967 Roadrunner a client from California picked out of our bone yard of projects.  She has designed her own custom interior, watch as we create what she designed.

After the skin was installed we began working with a paint scheme to satisfy the clients taste by taping designs and messaging photos to her in CA.  Staying with the Roadrunner arrow we modified it to a smaller size (compare to the original in top photo).  The front of the trailer retained the trademark Roadrunner polished quilting next to the window and the lower rock guard.

July 15th... four and a half weeks from the day we pulled it into the shop it is on its way to California.  Notice we modified the rear bumper to accommodate a bicycle rack.  Sorry about the terrible photo but the interior was finished off with custom led lighting, brushed stainless steel counter and table top, leather seating and client supplied custom window shades.