It’s a rare occasion at Retro when I can build a trailer of my own.  I picked this gem up on Craig’s List with the intention of restoring it for resale.  It was a great buy, the trailer was very complete, in really good condition overall and it was fully functional.  It came with a full size Dixie stove and a Marvel refrigerator, both very nice to have.  The laminate countertops, table top and backsplashes were in exceptional condition. It did have some typical water damage but it was limited to under the front and rear windows, and the area around the roof vent.  The original wall furnace was tested but deemed to be unsafe to use, so it was scrapped. I replaced the three damaged panels with new birch  and repaired any structural issues it had.  The rest of the interior was simply sanded and refinished in amber shellac.  New wiring and insulation and it was ready for new skin.

The seats already had new upholstery so I used the curtain colors to tie the colors into the overall theme, the silver metallic and gray in the fabric blended well with the gray and black Zodiac seat covers.  This trailer had a nice big full size bed with room for a headboard, I used a new innerspring mattress...very comfy.  The Dixie stove was completely disassembled, cleaned and adjusted.  In a drawer I found wrapped in paper a very cool porcelain plaque with the lighting instructions that must have been shipped with the stove.  I mounted it just above the range.

A Marvel fridge is a great find in any trailer.   It is a combination ice box and electric, use block ice for travel, runs like a household fridge when the trailer is plugged in.  It too was taken apart, refinished inside and out, rewired and runs like new.  To fill the hole left by the now missing furnace I built in a very convenient broom closet.  Notice the beautiful curved wood cabinetry in this Aljoa.

To add a more classic feel I had custom made Venetian  blinds made in a vintage 2” slats, and built custom cornice boxes matching the curved wood design of the cabinets, and sewed curtains up out of reproduction barkcloth fabric.

On the exterior I used a Colonial White (cream) on the top and a 1955 Ford Cameo Coral paint scheme.  I have to admit I did change the design to the later Aljo design, I just like it better than the original design, it should have been similar to the green paint that was on it when I got it.  For a bit of a different look I trimmed the outside in black instead of the typical silver.  I think it gave it more of a vintage look.  Sold on Ebay it now has a new owner in Portland, Oregon.