1959 Lakewood

Custom Deluxe

When the owner purchased this trailer it was sporting a brand new paint job in white latex house paint... Yuk!

However it was a very nice trailer, the exterior was in remarkable shape under the paint.

After stripping all that latex paint off Retro designed a new look  for it using Wimbledon White (cream), Sea Foam Green and a bit of polish to look similar to a classic mobile home of the era.

Sold to a new owner the sea foam clashed with a classic Lincoln tow car so they had us change the green to a coral.

With plans to use it as a traveling jewelry showcase for the QVC Shopping Network we created a full custom interior using a multi-color floor, custom upholstery, appliances changed from  olive green to blue and a special use of polished aluminum quilting for the headliner, door and other trim.