1959 Shasta Airflyte


As typical with all our restoration projects this Shasta was stripped of it’s skin and all damaged wood structure  and paneling was replaced with new.  Everything else was sanded and refinished in the original Shasta finish.

With all the wood repairs completed we re-wired the trailer, added new insulation and used all new skin on this one.

Trailer as it received it’s final details.  Outside was painted in a 1956 Ford Thunderbird Sage Green.  The interior received new upholstery, new Nevamar laminate on the counter top, table top and the sliding doors.  New black & white checkerboard flooring.  Look close and you can  see the hard bunk we built to replace the original canvas bunk bed over the rear bed.  It tilts up out of the way until needed.

This Shasta was missing its wings so we fabricated new ones, Shasta trailers just don’t look right without them.  Above right it waits for it’s owner to pick it up and leave on an extended cross country journey.