1962 Shasta

Airflyte SC

Here is something we rarely see... A fifty+ year old camper that doesn’t need restoration.  My partner Sylvia scored this one sitting at a lake front property, a lead generated by talking to a doctor during an ER visit (cute story, ask about it sometime).

It was in amazing condtion, no water leaks inside... Ever!  Skin was in amazing shape as well with almost no dents, the original paint was just very faded.


All we did outside is remove the windows, scuff it down good and repainted it in Wimbledon White and 1955 Ford Tropical Rose.  Unusual on this trailer which we still don’t have a clue if it’s right or not, when we took it apart we could not find any indication that the roof had ever been painted, even at the factory.  We chose to leave it the bare aluminum along with the stripe down the side

Inside we just freshened it up.  This one has the Shasta blonde finish so we did give it a new coat.  The blond finish on Shasta trailers was originally a translucent lacquer finish (not stain) that is no longer produced.  At Retro Restoration we spent many hours trying to duplicate the finish and happy to say we succeeded, thanks to a  paint manufacturer that let me experiment in his mixing room.  How we do the finish is a closely guarded secret now!

The counter tops are original and in excellent shape., but we did add one of our custom polished aluminum back splashes in a diner style sunburst pattern.  We laid down a new floor in a diagonal pattern for fun and had the seats reupholstered in pink Zodiac (glitter) vinyl.

For Shasta fans, notice this is a Airflyte SC, which stands for self contained.  It has two gaucho couches that pull out to double beds, in the left rear corner is a small restroom (toilet only, no shower).  This one also has the original Shasta option of a Murphy Richards gas refrigerator which still runs great.

Known at the Starlite Classic Campground as “Sally” this little Shasta is one of the rentals available for overnight lodging, fully equipped with everything you need other than food and drink.