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1965 Avion 17'

I took this little Avion in on trade years ago.  While the outside is in really good shape the interior was a total wreck, not much to save.  I immediately made plans on a custom interior, but the project always got put on the back burner as I worked on customer's trailers.  After building 100 campers I decided number 101 would finally be my Avion.

My idea is to create an interior that looks like a old mountain cabin, kind of an Adirondack style. It will use a lot of wood inside (some repurposed) with a rustic look, but all new underneath.  Rather than trust 60 year old appliances they will be all new, and some modern touches (all hidden) as well.  I am keeping the original floor plan.  Follow along as we build this custom trailer!

Interior Before Pics

New Planned Interior Features

New pex plumbing

New Attwood Water Heater

New Thetford Toilet

New FloJet Water Pump

New ABS Holding Tanks, with new drain pipes and Valterra dump valves

New propane system

Updated Electrical with new 12V Converter

LED Lighting

New Dometic RV Refrigerator.

Restored Vintage stove top

Hidden Microwave Oven

Built in Entertainment Center

New Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner




I started in the Bathroom.  This Avion has a really nice sized bathroom to start.

 For the woodwork I used Beetle Kill Pine (otherwise called Blue Stain).  It has beautiful character and is lightweight compared to hardwoods.  I replaced the gicky plastic folding door with a custom built sliding barn door.  

Avions of this era did not have gray water tanks, back then it was fine to let it run on the ground.  Not so cool now, so I added a gray water tank under the new black and white vinyl floor.

I built a surround around the new Thetford toilet to look like it's in an outhouse.  The wrought iron foot pedal is used to flush it.  It too has a new ABS black water holding tank, so no leaks or smells from here! To the side of the toilet is a built in hamper.

I reused the original cabinetry here, but it has been antiqued.  I added LED lighting and a GFI 110V outlet as well, before it did not have any outlets in the bathroom.

The old fiberglass tub was history, so I built a new tub from a washtub, galvanized sheet metal and copper rivets.  The exposed plumbing is new, but looks like old copper lines with vintage looking valves.  It is either a tub or shower.

For the sink I turned an antique wash basin into a vessel sink, and installed a new faucet that replicates a vintage hand water pump.


Moving on to the cabin area.  I like wood, one reason why I don't usually like the riveted style trailers.  I stripped multiple coats of ugly latex paint before laminating the exposed portions of the walls with real Cherry hardwood veneer.  Not only will it give it a warm feeling inside, it is an important aspect of the "mountain cabin" design.   It was very time consuming to fit all the paneling to the compound curves of the front bulkhead but the end results is just what I wanted!


New flooring will be next so it will continue under all the cabinetry.  Very fortunate but as you can see the original floor decking is remarkably solid, even in the door area (a typical soft spot) and will not have to be replaced.